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Macroeconomics & Finance


'Credit Intermediation and the Transmission of Macro-financial Uncertainty: International Evidence', 2020, with M. Geiger and S. Stöckl, Journal of International Money and Finance, forthcoming.

'Success factors in ICOs: Individual firm characteristics of lucky timing?', 2020, with I. Gächter, Finance Research Letters, forthcoming.

'The trinity of wage setting in EMU: A policy proposal', 2018, with P. Ramskogler and A. Riedl, Journal of Policy Modeling, 40(2), 284-304.

'The finance-trade nexus revisited: Is the global trade slowdown also a financial story?', 2017, with I. Gkrintzalis, Economics Letters, 158, 21-25.

'Wage divergence, business cycle co-movement and the currency union effect', 2017, with A. Gruber and A. Riedl, Journal of Common Market Studies, 55(6), 1322-1342.

'Finance-augmented business cycles: A robustness check', 2016, with O.

Fernàndez-Amador and F. Sindermann, Economics Bulletin, 36(1), 132-144.

'Democratization and real exchange rates', 2016, with B. Furlan, B. Krebs and H. Oberhofer,, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 63(2), 216-242.

'The Finance-Growth Nexus in Crisis', 2015, with M. Breitenlechner and F. Sindermann, Economics Letters, 132, 31-33.

'Sectoral Deleveraging in Europe and its Economic Implications', 2015, with M. Geiger, F. Glötzl and H. Schuberth, Focus on European Economic Integration, Q1/2015, 8-23.

'One Money, One Cycle? The EMU Experience', 2014, with A. Riedl, Journal of Macroeconomics, 42, 141-155.

'Finance, Potential Output and the Business Cycle: Empirical Evidence from Selected Advanced and CESEE Economies', 2014, with D. Bernhofer, O. Fernández-Amador and F. Sindermann, 2014, Focus on European Economic Integration, OeNB, Q2/2014, 52-75.

'Does monetary policy determine stock market liquidity? New evidence from the euro zone', 2013, with O. Fernández-Amador, M. Larch and G. Peter, Journal of Empirical Finance, 21, 54-68.

'Das internationale Währungssystem im Umbruch?', 2013, with E. Beckmann and D. Ritzberger-Grünwald, Wirtschaftspolitische Blätter, 60, 2/2013, 231-251.

'An Export-Based Measure of Competitiveness', 2013, with H. Lorenz, P. Ramskogler and M. Silgoner, Monetary Policy & the Economy, OeNB, Q2/2013, 75-92.

'Business Cycles in the Euro Area and the Impact of the Financial Crisis', 2012, with A. Riedl and D. Ritzberger-Grünwald, Monetary Policy & the Economy, OeNB, Q2/2012, 33-60.




Health Economics & Interdisciplinary


'Regional Development in Advanced Countries: a Within-Country Application of the Human Development Index for Austria', 2015, with L. Schrott and E. Theurl, Danube Law and Economics Review, 6(1), 1-23.

'Regional density of private dentists: Empirical evidence from Austria', 2014, with P. Schwazer, E. Theurl and H. Winner, Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology, 42(1), 20-29.

'Retaining the Thin Blue Line: What Shapes Workers' Intentions not to Quit the Current Work Environment?', 2013, with D.A. Savage and B. Torgler, International Journal of Social Economics, 40(5), 479-503.

'Entry into the Physician Market: Empirical Evidence from the Outpatient Sector in Austria', 2013, with P. Schwazer and E. Theurl, Danube Law and Economics Review, 4(4), 245-260.

'Physician density in a two-tiered health care system', 2012, with P. Schwazer, E. Theurl and H. Winner, Health Policy, 106 (3), 257-68.

'Stronger sex but earlier death: A multi-level socioeconomic analysis of gender differences in mortality in Austria', 2012, with P. Schwazer and E. Theurl, Danube Law and Economics Review, 1(2012), 1-23.

'Health Status Convergence at the Local Level: Empirical Evidence from Austria', 2011, with E. Theurl, International Journal for Equity in Health, 10:34.

'The relationship among stress, strain and social capital', 2011, with D.A. Savage and B. Torgler, Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management, 34 (3), 515-540.

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